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Re: qpdf in debian experimental

On 08/28/2017 10:24 AM, Jay Berkenbilt wrote:
Just FYI, qpdf finally cleared "NEW" and is now in debian experimental.
The version there is 7.0~b1-3. I did some packaging updates to, among
other things, remove use of cdbs in favor of straight dh. I will
probably release a b2 release soon. Someone's been exposing memory
errors using libfuzzer, and I'm getting to test clean with address
sanitizer. Once I've done that, I will probably release b2. I need a few
hours to be ready for a final 7.0.0. When do I need to do that so it can
be in Artful? I'd rather not have a beta version sitting around in a
Ubuntu release, even if it's not LTS. I will also put 7.0.0 in debian
unstable which will trigger a transition that will include cups-filters.
I'm not sure what your process is for updating cups-filters in debian.


As 7.0~b1 -> 7.0.0 only adds bug fixes this can happen at any time before release (theoretically until one week before, Thu, Oct 12), but preferably until Fri, Sep 22 (last work day before final beta freeze).

See also


The Debian packages of cups-filters are uploaded by Didier Raboud (OdyX, CCed). He will upload as soon as the new QPDF is available.


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