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cups-filters 1.16.2 released!


I have released cups-filters 1.16.2 now, with the following changes:

	- README: Minimum CUPS requirement of cups-filters is CUPS
	  1.4.x.  It does not build with earlier CUPS versions (Bug
	- driverless, foomatic-rip: Create relative symbolic links.
	- All C/C++ files: Silenced all compiler warnings, at least
	  the ones appearing when building on Ubuntu Linux 17.10 with
	  GCC 7.1.0.
	- README: Updated the introduction section to reflect the
	  current functionality of cups-filters, and the build
	  requirements for the Poppler-based filters (C++11: Bug
	  #1404, Build configuration of Poppler: Bug #1257). Thanks to
	  Roland Hieber (r dot hieber at pengutronix dot de) to find
	  out about this.
	- pdftoopvp, bannertopdf, pdftoraster: Build with C++11
	  standard as some features of this standard are needed by
	  these filters (or by Poppler). Thanks to Roland Hieber (r
	  dot hieber at pengutronix dot de) for the patch (Bug #1404).

This release is mainly clean-up: Update README, silence compiler warnings, use C++11 standard for Poppler-based filters, use relative symbolic links to make Snap-packaging easier.

Please release this on Debian so that I can sync it to Ubuntu.

Thanks in advance.


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