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Re: Apple raster, PWG raster and non-free filters/drivers

On 01/16/2017 03:32 PM, Brian Potkin wrote:


The word "if" supports your idea of a GCP printer having only to process
one of PDF or PWG raster. The page


does talk about PWG raster as a fallback to PDF but does not mandate it,
although I suppose a printer manufacturer could choose to provide it in
 addition to PDF for that purpose.

I'm abandoning my contention and moving on to more fruitful things.

My question is here whether the Google Cloud Print server polls printer capability info from the printer or whether it has a database with info about thousands of printer models? In the latter case we do not have driverless printing here and a GCP printer has its model capabilities in Googles database, in addition to understanding one of PWG Raster and PDF.

So the fact that a printer is a GCP printer only helpos for driverless printing if Google can actually poll the printer's capabilities from the printer and if Google publishes the protocol for this kind of poll.


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