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Bug#792514: foomatic-db: Problems when printing some pdf files in a Brother MFC-9465CDN

On Wed, Jul 15, 2015 at 05:32:27PM +0200, Agustin Martin wrote:
> Package: foomatic-db
> Version: 20150411-1
> Severity: normal
> Dear Maintainer,
> Hi,
> For some time I am having problems with some pdf files in a multifuncion
> Brother MFC-9465CDN, using BRScript-3 Brother MFC-9450CDN and MFC9840CDW ppd
> files shipped through foomatic. I am having the same problem with a
> MFC-9465CDN ppd file taken from Brother disks. 
> This does not happen with all pdf files, just with some of them containing
> images. I am attaching one of the problematic pdf, in case it helps. It was
> adapted from a previous document and includes a bitmap image. Modificacion
> was done through LibreOffice and exported to pdf from it. When sent to a
> Brother MFC9465CDN using the BR-Script3 ppd files mentioned above, printing
> fails and a sheet is output with this error message printed:
>    typecheck
>    image
> [ None or some of the lines below, depending on the ppd ]
>   --booleantype
>   --booleantype
> The good news are that pre-processing the pdf file with pdfwrite seems to
> work around this problem as well as printing it first to a pdf file with
> cups-pdf, but this latter makes a far bigger file.


Seems I am having more info about the offending images. If I try to run
jpeg2ps on one of the problematic jpeg images I get

$ jpeg2ps kk-000.jpg > kk.eps
Warning: JPEG file uses compression method C2 - proceeding anyway.
PostScript output does not work on all PS interpreters!

If I rebuild the pdf file after processing the jpg with imagemagick's

$ convert kk-000.jpg kk-001.jpg

problem seems to go away. So, this is apparently related to jpeg
compression method.
> I noticed that for cups 1.3 or higher a pre-processing filter can be used.
> If pstopdf cups filter is available, adding following lines to ppd file
> seems to make things work here,

pstopdf filter is no longer available, so this no longer works. But at
least I know now why it was useful.



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