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Bug#709584: cups-filters: outdated embedded data copy: aglfn

Control: tags -1 +upstream
Control: forwarded -1 https://bugs.linuxfoundation.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1135

Hi Paul, and thanks for your bugreport; good catch indeed!

Le vendredi, 24 mai 2013 09.26:33, Paul Wise a écrit :
> The cups-filters source package contains an embedded data copy that is
> also outdated (aglfn13.c). This file is shipped in the cups-filters
> source package and compiled into libfontembed1 binary package. Please
> ask upstream to remove aglfn13.c from source package and instead
> build-depend on the aglfn binary package, convert the aglfn.txt shipped
> in the aglfn binary package into a C file at build time and possibly add
> a Built-Using field.

I have now reported it on the upstream bugtracker, see forwarded header.



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