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Bug#709078: libgs-dev / cups: please rebuild with libtiff5-dev

Le mardi, 21 mai 2013 10.35:51, Roland Stigge a écrit :
> Hi,
> a precondition for rebuilding ghostscript w/ libtiff5-dev is rebuilding
> cups w/ libtiff5-dev since libcupsimage2-dev also depends on it.

Why is libtiff-dev not provided by libtiff5-dev ? cups build-depends on 
libtiff-dev and I'm surprised to have to change cups's source when we 
explicitely depend on the non-versionned -dev package.

If there's a libtiff transition happening, the libtiff-dev should be provided 
by libtiff5-dev (and not by libtiff4-dev anymore) (and cups would be just 

What am I missing here?


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