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Re: Old bugs filed against *cupsys* packages

Le vendredi, 17 mai 2013 22.52:26, Andrei POPESCU a écrit :
> On Jo, 16 mai 13, 22:19:12, Didier 'OdyX' Raboud wrote:
> > Given that I don't see much value in migrating them on the actual cups
> > package which is now two 1.x version ahead, I'm rather in favour of
> > closing them with a 1.4.4-1 version and a message saying "if you can
> > reproduce this bug on Wheezy, please reopen that bug and mark is as
> > found in your version".
> I've just closed a first batch of cupsys bugs[1], namely those
> containing 'cupsys' in the subject. Before doing that I've reassigned
> two wishlist bugs that had patches attached, thinking that there might
> be something of value there.

Super-cool, thanks!



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