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Re: Bug#304504: cupsys-bsd: Add Printer Options to lpr / lp man pages

Control: reassign -1 cups-bsd
Control: found -1 1.1.23-7

On Mi, 13 apr 05, 08:51:30, Christopher Swingley wrote:
> Package: cupsys-bsd
> Version: 1.1.23-7
> Severity: wishlist
> Tags: patch
> It would be convenient to have the printer options (all those things 
> available with -o option) listed in the manual page.  I've attached a 
> patch against lpr.1 that could be applied.  The same code could probably 
> be inserted into the lp manual page.
> The patch was generated using 'diff -Naur lpr.1.orig lpr.1 > 
> lpr.1.patch'

Looks like this bug got lost in the cupsys -> cups renaming, but it has 
a patch that might be valuable, which is why I'm reassigning (instead of 
closing as advised).

Kind regards,
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