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Bug#708212: Please upload latest SVN snapshot

Source: splix
Version: 2.0.0+svn306-2
Severity: normal

Hi Luca,

I noticed that Ubuntu uploaded the revision 308 from the splix svn; it
might be useful to also start using that version. The full Ubuntu patch
isn't necessarily useful, but the new upstream revision brings some

* When a print job sent to CUPS 1.6.2 from iOS is converted to
  PostScript with the pdftops filter of cups-filters, the resulting
  PostScript does not contain a "%%Creator" line in its header, which
  is used by pstoqpdl as marker for where to insert MediaChoice amd
  color correction info. This change inserts the missing "%%Creator"
  when it reaches "%%EndComments". It also corrects a minor error in
  the existing code which was trying to match an incorrect string.
  Thanks to Martin Crossley (martin at crossleys dot biz) for the
  patch (SF: #3610240).

* Commented out the entries for the Samsung CLP-610 and CLP-610ND
  in ppd/smasung.drv and ppd/Makefile as these two printers are
  reported to not work with SpliX. Removed also the pre-built PPD
  files for these printers (Ubuntu bug #898986).

Please ask if you need sponsoring or packaging help. I'd be happy to
also help you pushing splix to a VCS of your choice and possibly under
the Debian Printing Team umbrella.



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