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Bug#663868: laserjet1018 (foo2zjs) printer disappears and appears in loop

Hi Raj,

I think it sounds we can both reproduce the same brokenness in foo2zjs. I also 
noticed the issue where you said, "Finally, downgraded again and used hp-setup 
to configure the printer under a different name. Now it's working."

In my case I got around it by deleting the old definition of the device with 
the conflicting name from the CUPS configuration files and reloading the 

I also found I had some detection problems if foo2zjs and the HP driver were 
both installed, as I suspect they were fighting to configure the firmware 

I am just glad I could at least get it to work with the HP driver. Perhaps if 
someone more expert at foo2zjs will reply to the bug we could get more 
information on how to get down to the root cause of the issues.

I'll keep my fingers crossed on that...


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