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Bug#530600: Lexmark printer tray selection problem - Optra T series

Hello Didier,

> tags 530600 + moreinfo
> thanks
> Le mardi, 26 mai 2009 11.01:41, Ruediger Oberhage a A(crit :
> > Package: foomatic-db
> > Version: 20080211-2
> >
> > Severity: minor
> >
> > Hello,
> >
> > I'd like to report a problem with tray selection for Lexmark
> > Optra T series laserprinters, experienced on a 614, 616, and 640
> > model, most probably resulting from the fact, that they're all
> > descedants of the Optra T 610 'base-file' selection.
> > [...]

> Hi Ruediger, and thanks for your bugreport,
> as this bug is now somehow aged and you haven't gotten any answer
> so far,  would it be possible for you to simply confirm (or even
> better: report that it  got magically fixed in the meantime!) that
> it is still affecting your printing experience on Debian ?

thanks for caring about the problem. Yes, so  far nobody has reacted
to the report, and yes, the problem does still exist, no magical
fixing or auto-healing.

On the contrary, when installing Debian "Squeeze" on our systems. I
added printers ot the type Lexmark T 650 (they dropped the 'Optra',
but these are direct descendants of the Optra T Series) to it. They
show the exact same (erroneous) behaviour.

To summarize: We have (Lexmark) printers with two trays in addition
to the manual/multipurpose one. Tray1 set as default. Selecting
'nothing'/default, 'Tray1', or 'Tray2' all print from actual tray one
(Tray1). To get paper from tray two (Tray2) you have to select

My guess is an 'off by one'-error: Default and 'Tray1' select the
default tray, 'Tray2' actually selects tray one, 'Tray3' selects
tray two etc.

It would be nice to get this fixed. I'm willing to provide further
information, should there be any questions left, and to test a fixed

Dr. H.-R. Oberhage
Mail: Univ. Duisburg-Essen	E-Mail:	oberhage@Uni-Duisburg-Essen.DE
      Fakultaet fuer Physik	ruediger@Theo.Physik.Uni-Duisburg-Essen.DE
      Campus Duisburg, MG 464
      Lotharstrasse 1		Phone:	{+49|0} 203 / 379-4736
      47057 Duisburg, Germany	FAX:	{+49|0} 203 / 379-4732

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