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Two proposed changes on foomatic-db-engine

Hi Till, 
(CC'ing debian-printing),

I have two staged changes on foomatic-db-engine that I would like to cross-
heck with you (note that the git commits haven't been done on the master branch):

1) Dropping foomatic-filters-ppds transitional package


Rationale: foomatic-filters-ppds is dummy in Debian's latest stable release
(Squeeze) and can IMHO safely be removed. I filed bugs against the (3) Debian
packages that depend/recommend on it: #626288, #626289 and #626290. Is this
package still useful on Ubuntu, for LTS-to-LTS upgrades e.g. ? I would be
happy to keep it for a longer time if needed.

2) Promoting foomatic-db back to Recommends from Suggests


This is essentially a revert of your 4.0.5-0ubuntu6 change:

>  debian/control: Do not recommend foomatic-db at all, as foomatic-db-engine
>  makes sense without foomatic-db to build packages, especially foomatic-db.
>  The system-installed foomatic-db-engine can also be used for inplace builds
>  of PPDs from Foomatic data, pointing to the Foomatic data with the
>  FOOMATICDB environment variable. This way we can install foomatic-db-engine
>  easily with apt-get also on desktop installations where foomatic-db cannot
>  be installed as it conflicts with foomatic-db-compressed-ppds. We put
>  foomatic-db into Suggests: now.

The problem of this change (which I had not noticed when preparing
4.0.6-1~exp1, my changelog entry shows the mis-reading) is that it breaks
Squeeze-Wheezy upgrades: an installed foomatic-db (or foomatic-db-compressed-
ppds) will get removed as no other package will Depend or Recommend it.

Hence I would like to promote foomatic-db back to Recommends. This still means
one can uninstall it. Note that foomatic-db-compressed-ppds "Provides"
foomatic-db, hence is a valid candidate for this relationship.

What do you think ?



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