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Bug#625925: Uses incorrect path to default colour profile

On Sat, May 07, 2011 at 05:17:58AM +0100, Ben Hutchings wrote:
> Printing to my HP LaserJet 4Plus currently fails.  The error message
> for the job is:
> File '/System/Library/ColorSync/Profiles/sRGB Profile.icc' not found
> This path is presumably correct for OS X but obviously not for Linux!
> It is present in the /usr/lib/cups/driver/gutenprint.5.2 binary.

This path is unconditionally put into generated PPD files by genppd.c:

  /* Macintosh color management */
  gzputs(fp, "*cupsICCProfile Gray../Grayscale: \"/System/Library/ColorSync/Profiles/sRGB Profile.icc\"\n");
  gzputs(fp, "*cupsICCProfile RGB../Color:      \"/System/Library/ColorSync/Profiles/sRGB Profile.icc\"\n");
  gzputs(fp, "*cupsICCProfile CMYK../Color:     \"/System/Library/ColorSync/Profiles/Generic CMYK Profile.icc\"\n");
  gzputs(fp, "*APSupportsCustomColorMatching: true\n");
  gzputs(fp, "*APDefaultCustomColorMatchingProfile: sRGB\n");
  gzputs(fp, "*APCustomColorMatchingProfile: sRGB\n");

gutenprint is currently orphaned.  I no longer have a printer to test
it with, so I can no longer maintain it adequately.  In the absence of
a new maintainer, I'm continuing to made uploads of new upstream
releases, but without the level of QA I would consider necessary for
a properly maintained package (I used to test all the major components
printed correctly under a variety of conditions for all new upstream
releases and for all but the most trivial packaging changes).  But
other than that, which I'm doing purely as a service to existing users,
I am not capable to properly maintaining the package.  I've been looking
for a new maintainer for at least two years now.

You can find the latest upstream release here:
I would be interested to know if this fixes the issue, though
it does still contain the offending lines there might be other
related changes which cause it not to error out.

Note that this might equally be a bug in the cups server itself for
not ignoring the directive in the absence of a valid ICC profile or
using a fallback.  This would need taking to cups and gutenprint
upstream.  I don't have the time to do that myself, but both teams
are responsive to issues such as this.

The code in question was tweaked in 5.2.7 (not yet uploaded) but
was otherwise unchanged since 5.2.1, which has been around in
unstable since early 2009, so if this is recent breakage I would
suspect it's a changed behaviour in CUPS itself.


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