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Re: Provide libijs packages as a binary package of Ghostscript?

On Tue, Jan 25, 2011 at 08:48:25PM +0000, Roger Leigh wrote:
Just for the record, I think there should be *one* copy of ijs only. I really don't care whether it's in ijs or gs. However, given that gs is required for ijs to work, and the copy in gs has had some maintenance, I think the gs copy would be the better choice (providing it can be made usable for others). They are probably the effective upstream maintainers of the code in any case given the complete lack of upstream ijs activity for years. [The upstream were the gs maintainers (more or less) in any case.]

I understand this.  Thanks anyway.

Another argument for keeping libijs separate:

I consider packaging GNU Ghostscript, which seem to have a slightly different development pace and thus might be interesting e.g. for security concerned users, and would also make the recent RC issue of ghostscript less dramatic, as there would be the option of ripping out one of the implementations temporarily, if multiple ones were available to choose from.

Have there been any gs issues related to ijs? AFAICT, they directly copied the IJS sources files straight into their tree, so any issues should be present in both packages.

I think perhaps you miss my point:

If libijs is maintained for Debian as part of the GPL Ghostscript project, and we also (in the future) maintain GNU Ghostscript, then GNU Ghostscript will need to depend on GPL Ghostscript, making it impossible to ship a release of Debian with only GNU Ghostscript, not GPL Ghostscript.

If, on the other hand, Debian maintain libijs as a separate project, then a release of Debian (or a derivative thereof) can choose to ship with GNU Ghostscript and not GPL Ghostscript.

The question is not whether upstream development happens as part of GPL Ghostscript or not, but whether we should maintain a library separately which is _usable_ seaparately.

 - Jonas

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