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Bug#480423: gs-esp: some documents printed using ML-1020 driver cause printer to become unresponsive.

Hi Ben,

Ben Hildred wrote:

> I have a Dell 1100 printer which uses the samsung ML-1020 driver.
> (rebranded printer) In many respects this printer works reasonably well.
> Overall a satisfactory b&w printer. However many documents give me
> trouble printing, paticualary documents with lots of graphic information (ie.
> printing google maps form firefox give me corupted horizontal bars, some
> blueprints and photos cause the printer to cease responding requiring a
> reboot of the printer)

Thanks for reporting.  Do you have an example?  (Printing to file as PS
is a good way to make one.)

> I suspect this may be related to the 64kb bug on
> http://www.openprinting.org/download/printing/samsung-gdi/README.txt

Unfortunately Grant Taylor's patch was already applied in 8.15.3.dfsg.1
so that can't be the fix. :/

Sorry for the long delay.

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