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Bug#352069: gs: Japanese printing problem

reassign 352069 ghostscript
found 352069 gs/8.15-4.1
tags 352069 + moreinfo help

Jan Willem Stumpel wrote:

> There are problems with Japanese printing through Ghostscript (gs variants
> with gs-cjk-resource). These problems turn up with
>  - moz: printing through PostScript/Default (not xprint) in Mozilla.
>  - xpdf: printing through xpdf (with Japanese support).
>                      new                     old
>                      ===                     ===
> gs-esp, moz          ryumin error            OK
> gs-esp, xpdf         ryumin error            OK
> gs-gpl, moz          ryumin error            boxes
> gs-gpl, xpdf         ryumin error            rubbish
> Explanation: 
>  - "ryumin error" means that when a .ps file is viewed with gv, you get
>    the dreaded error message which begins
>    Error: /undefinedresource in --findresource--
>    Operand stack:
>    F3331_0   0   Ryumin-Light-H   Font   Ryumin-Light-H   (Ryumin-Light-H)   
>    12   Ryumin-Light   H   H   Ryumin-Light   Ryumin-Light   Ryumin-Light
>    --nostringval--   (r)   --nostringval--   CMap   (r)   CMap   (r)

Thanks for a clear report.  I tried printing from chromium and it
worked okay, but it only supports printing by PDF.

Do you perhaps have a postscript file exhibiting the problem?

Ideally some ghostscript wizard can make sense of the error message,
but barring that, the ability to reproduce it would be nice.

Hope that helps,

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