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Bug#603342: libgutenprintui2-1: ui problems with PPD provided by printer manufacturer

On Sat, Nov 13, 2010 at 10:27:38AM +0100, Michel Briand wrote:
> I've a Postscript printer configured with the PPD provided by the manufacturer. 
> Cups is ok.
> NOTE: I've decided to use Gutenprint because printing very large images with 
> Cups alone leads to printer memory error !!!

What do you mean by "cups alone" in this context.  Can you take me
though exactly you are doing in each case?

> When setting up Gutenprint parameters (launched via Gimp), I've strange 
> messages until I change the command line "lp -s -d 'laserjet'" to something
> more sensible "lp"... (NB: laserjet is my old printer which is no more accessible).

You may need to set up an entirely new profile in Gutenprint for
your printer; the old profile may be safely deleted.

> When printing in Gimp through Gutenprint I've this message after job is 
> launched:
> Erreur d'appel pour la procédure « gimp-message » :
> La procédure « gimp-message » a été appelée avec la valeur « 
> l?identifiant de la requête est antares-79 (0 fichier(s))
>  » pour le paramÃ#tre « message » (#1, type gchararray). 
> Cette valeur est hors-limite.
> A lot of utf-8 text, whereas my locale is iso-8859-15, and a problem reporting 
> the cups/lp message.

If you send the entire set of logs, that would be useful.  Also,
if you run in a "C" or "en" locale, I'll be better able to understand


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