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Bug#489975: [Debian QA] please review your old bug reports against CUPS


I did a little research and i think that this bug corrected in version 1.3.9-6.
I've found it in the changelog from the cups package:

 [ Martin Pitt ]
* debian/rules: Install the serial backend with 0744 permissions to make it
run as root, since /dev/ttyS* are root:dialout and thus not accessible as
user "lp". Thanks to Chanoch (Ken) Bloom. (part of #506181, LP: #154277)


2010/7/8 Antony Gelberg <antony.gelberg@gmail.com>

On 08/07/10 11:17, Jean Felder wrote:

You reported a bug against the CUPS package in Debian a long time ago (#489975)
and the maintainers are wondering if you can still reproduce the bug
using version 1.4.4-1 that is currently in Debian unstable?

I have no idea - I'm not using serial printers any more.  Sorry I can't be of more help.


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