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Bug#587737: Works now on Squeeze with Sid's hplip, hpijs

After python on Squeeze got updated today to 2.6, I experienced this bug as well. I tried deleting the ~./hplip folder and logging back in but neither hp-systray nor hp-toolbox could load. Then I tried having aptitude reinstall the hplip packages which also didn't fix it.

Finally I installed all the hplip and hpijs packages from sid and this fixed up everything. The hp-systray is there on login and hp-toolbox works fine.

So updating to this new hplip from sid now actually fixes the problem since Squeeze now has python2.6 in place.

Perhaps if you and/or others see it fixed as well we can get Sid's now working hplip into Squeeze officially? The one currently in Squeeze was broken by the python2.6 upgrade so we really need the hplip/hpijs packages upgraded too.

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