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Bug#584015: ijsgutenprint: Security bugs in ghostscript

On Tue, Jun 01, 2010 at 11:11:19AM +1000, Paul Szabo wrote:
> Package: ijsgutenprint
> Severity: grave
> Tags: security
> Justification: user security hole
> Please note remote execute-any-code security bugs in ghostscript:
>   http://bugs.debian.org/583183
> This package depends on ghostscript, and may be affected. Please
> evaluate the security of this package, and fix if needed.

ijsgutenprint is a ghostscript IJS server driver.  It's invoked
/by/ ghostscript, so is not itself responsible for running
ghostscript.  One potential source of vulnerabilities is
actually in glue scripts such as Foomatic, so I think probably
should be reassigned to foomatic-db-gutenprint.  Note that
most/all of Foomatic and ancillary data packages such
as foomatic-db-gutenprint are packages you should probably
look at.

Have you considered a whole-archive search for e.g. -dSAFER in
the lintian lab?  If a program is using -dSAFER, it should also
be using -P- in all likelihood.  It's probably better than
simply going off package dependencies.


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