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Bug#461111: cupsys-driver-gutenprint: in annex, a working copy, and a don't working copy files

Daniel Norte de Moraes <danielcheagle@gmail.com> writes:

> Hi! my printer epson cx7700 yet don't work anymore, neither in new version
> in stable, neither in unstable ( neither in experimental )
> I annexed two 'sets' of files. one work( a old version in stable) and
> another that  don't work(in atual unstable/experimental)
> []'s of seventy rounds, Dani.
> p.s.: my print dont work. this bug is 'important'.

I can't open/unpack the "rar" archive on my system with unrar or any
of the other archive tools I tried.  Please could you send it again
either as a tar or zip archive?


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