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hplip on svn.debian.org


Thanks for keeping svn.debian.org in sync with your ubuntu releases and
sorry I haven't been keeping up with the Debian releases.  I'm currently
travelling and won't be settling down until March, so there my
connectivity packaging ability is currently limited. After March I should
be in a position to devote some serious time to hplip packaging.
I was looking to take a current snap shot of your work and upload again to
Debian, but have noticed you have now introduced cupsddk as both a
dependency and a new package within Ubuntu.  As far as I can tell cupsddk
hasn't been introduced to debian and I haven't seen any intentions of it
being packaged.  Should we be introducing this package into Debian and
what does it do for hplip?
Cc: to cupsys maintainers as well as I'm sure they have a view.


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