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Bug#466964: LPD doesn't listen on port 515

* Peter Chubb <peterc@gelato.unsw.edu.au> [080222 07:12]:
> I upgraded from 3.8.28dfsg.1-1.1 and lost network printing; 
> netstat -a | grep print gives no output.
> To recover I did
> 	apt-get install lprng/stable
> Now I see lpd listening on port 515.

Indeed lprng 3.8.A~rc2-1 comes build with --disable-remote which
disables listening on port 515 by default. You have to enable it
again with setting


in lpd.conf to get it back.

> I didn't see anything in the changelog that could account for this?

Craig, it looks like the Debian lprng package does not even contain the
ChangeLog file, but only the old CHANGES files shipped as changelog.gz

	Bernhard R. Link

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