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Bug#462069: #462069 cupsys: enabling printer sharing breaks the server config file

Seconded (or 3rd'ed or whatever).  After tweaking a few things with the CUPS
web server today, my '/etc/cups/cupsd.conf' had:

	% grep DefaultAuthType '/etc/cups/cupsd.conf'
	DefaultAuthType �c

...restarting the server failed:

	% /etc/init.d/cupsys restart
	Restarting Common Unix Printing System: cupsd
	Message from syslogd@Arf at Sun Feb 17 18:06:30 2008 ...
	Arf cupsd: Unable to read configuration file '/etc/cups/cupsd.conf' - exiting!
	cupsd: Child exited with status 1!

Did something in the web based config engine add the garbage?

NB: there's two bugs here.

	1) Something adds garbage to 'cupsd.conf'

	2) Vague error message.  Suggested revision:

		Foobar cupsd: Garbage characters on line #11 of '/etc/cups/cupsd.conf' - exiting!

	   A web search shows many users have been confused by the current 
	   error message; I should open a new bug.

More detail:

	% grep DefaultAuthType '/etc/cups/cupsd.conf' | hexdump -C
	00000000  44 65 66 61 75 6c 74 41  75 74 68 54 79 70 65 20  |DefaultAuthType |
	00000010  90 ec 05 08 63 0a                                 |....c.|

Commenting out the line allows CUPS to restart.


(cupsys v 1.3.5-1+b1)

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