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Bug#461349: 461349 retitle rename: swish++: 100% CPU '/usr/bin/index++' zombies

reassign 461349 swish++
retitle 461349 100% CPU '/usr/bin/index++' zombies

Summary.  8 hours of this:

	% ps ax  | grep 'index++' | grep -v grep
	 9986 ?        RN   434:27 /usr/bin/index++ --config-file /usr/share/dhelp/swish++.conf --index-file /var/lib/dhelp/documents.index -

And killing its parents makes it go zombie.  (Sounds like a movie!)

I had first reported #461439 as a 'cupsys' bug, but now it looks more
like a 'swish++' bug.  See also the last four messages here:

	#455731 dhelp cron failed

...for further diagnostics.  My apologies if it's not a 'swish++'
bug, but what other package might be causing it?


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