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Bug#452244: sysv-rc dependency

severity 452244 serious # Violates debian policy 9.3.3

in hplip.postinst, the following is incorrect (it violates section 9.3.3
of Debian packaging policy):

        # Remove shutdown and reboot links; this init script does not
need them. if dpkg --compare-versions "$2" lt "1.7.3-0ubuntu4"; then
                rm -f /etc/rc0.d/K19hplip /etc/rc6.d/K19hplip

similarly in hplip.preinst, the following is incorrect:

        # Remove all init scripts of older HPLIP versions
        if dpkg --compare-versions "$2" lt "2.7.7-0ubuntu4"; then
            rm -f /etc/init.d/hplip /etc/rc?.d/*hplip

Use update-rc.d instead, and you'll be compatible with both file-rc and

Additionally, the snippet that immediately precedes it in hplip.inst is
also incorrect, and should (I think) be replaced with an call to

        # Stop any daemon from old HPLIP installations
        [ -x /etc/init.d/hplip ] && \
            /etc/init.d/hplip stop
        if test -n "`ps auxwww | grep hpiod | grep -v grep`"; then
            killall -9 hpiod

Several python scripts refer to /etc/init.d/cupsys directly, but I'm
not sure that these are ever run. Check these for yourself to
determine whether they are correct:



9.3.3 Interfacing with the initscript system

Maintainers should use the abstraction layer provided by the
update-rc.d and invoke-rc.d programs to deal with initscripts in their
packages' scripts such as postinst, prerm and postrm.

Directly managing the /etc/rc?.d links and directly invoking
the /etc/init.d/ initscripts should be done only by packages providing
the initscript subsystem (such as sysv-rc and file-rc). 


Ken (Chanoch) Bloom. PhD candidate. Linguistic Cognition Laboratory.
Department of Computer Science. Illinois Institute of Technology.

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