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Bug#426112: cupsys: file ownerships not adapted after upgrade

Package: cupsys
Version: 1.2.11-2
Severity: important

The remote administration is impossible because /etc/cups/ssl/* are still owned by root. The cancellation of jobs is impossible because the corresponding files in /var/spool/cups/ are still owned by root. After a new installation of cups (that is after removal and installation of cups 1.2.11) I noticed that the ownership/access rights of /usr/lib/cups/backends was not the same (but I might have changed it myself manually in the past).

Since the files are not part of the cupsys package I am not sure it is *really* a bug. However nothing prevents one from doing something about it (like a warning during the upgrade or a simple line in NEWS.Debian) so please consider it a wishlist report in that case.


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