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Bug#403703: Fix confirmed?

I have done some test running pstops against the current packaed
version and a version patched with str2111.patch.

I tested with the attached 3 page ps file "test.ps"
and ran the attached script "test.sh"

My diffs or the resultinf ps files show that no JCL/PJL whatever it is
is genereted... However the patched pstops doe not add
< %%EOF$
< ^D%!PS-Adobe-3.0$
< %%Pages: (atend)$
< %%BoundingBox: (atend)$
< %%EndComments$

but the unpatched version does...

In summary I think that the patch str2111.patch does work and should
be added to the debian source.

Patrice, please update this bug if it still does not work for you.
With the patch I cannot recreate your original problem.

Alex Owen

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