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Bug#380549: cupsys: As of 1.2.2-1 HP Deskjet stopped printing. Only test pages print.

severity 380549 important
[Note: not working for one person does not make it a "grave" severity.]

Dimitris Kogias <dimitris@gmail.com> writes:

> After upgrading to 1.2.2-1, my HP Deskjet 420 no longer prints.  I tried both
> the 1.2 CUPS Deskjet driver and the Gutenprint 420 drivers and in both
> cases, it seems that no data makes it to the printer.

No data makes it to the printer driver, either.  I would suspect
gs-esp is the culprit, but I didn't see gs-esp getting run in your

Could you provide the file you were printing?  What format was it?


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