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Bug#373112: ijsgutenprint/cups/PPD files - can not print ANYTHING!

severity 373112 normal

Rafal Maj <rafal@raf256.org> writes:

> Package: ijsgutenprint
> Version: 4.3.99+cvs20060521-2
> Severity: grave

The "grave" severity is way too great.  It is not causing serious data
loss or a security vulnerability.  It's not printing for you, which is
much less serious (normal, or at most important).

> After upgrades I can not print anything on my Epson Stylus C64, I get
> error message (in CUPS printer report)
> ijsgutenprint: the version of Gutenprint software installed (5.0.0-rc3)
> does not match the PPD file (5.0.0-rc2).

The PPD file you are using (generated with foomatic-ppdfile or
foomatic-configure?) is for the 5.0.0-rc2 version, whereas you are
using the newer 5.0.0-rc3 version.

Simply generate a new PPD, copy it to wherever the old one is located,
and you should be able to print again.

Are you using CUPS, or LPRng?  If CUPS, just install
cupsys-driver-gutenprint, modify your queue to use the CUPS+Gutenprint
driver, and forget about ijsgutenprint.


Roger Leigh
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