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Re: [Hpinkjet-announce] new gdevijs-krgb patch

On Fri, 24 Feb 2006, Suffield, David wrote:
> The buffer overflow issue was discovered in-house on gs7.07. I don't
> know if it is an exploitable security issue. Ghostscript would normally
> exit with a sigfault and the print job would terminate before
> completion.

I see.

> > I suppose upstream gs is waiting for HP to implement the 
> > high-order black planes as you proposed.  The KRGB 1.2 
> > patches should be sent to that bug report, as well, I think.
> Greater than 1-bit K plane support is beyond the scope of this patch.
> Object tagging would be required for higher bit depths.

Well, better talk to upstream through that bug report, then.

That said, wouldn't it be useful if IJS was extended to allow for arbritary
metadata pass-through in both directions?  That would allow for a more
extensible design which could be used for extended Gray+RGB (K8R8G8B8, seems
to be what upstream wanted) support negotiation, and for hpijs's fax driver
to ask gs about PPD fax recipient/sender/cover/etc, for example.

I know little about gs's innards, so I don't really know how difficult it is
to do object tagging, or to implement a metadata transport inside IJS (which
must be backwards compatible, too).

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