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Bug#347264: Incorrect *Manufacturer string

On Wed, 11 Jan 2006, Pascal De Vuyst wrote:
> For the above reasons hplip-ppd should provide HPLIP PPDs and
> foomatic-filters-ppds should not.

HPLIP provides *HP* PPDs.  This includes all hpijs ones, and all postscript
ones.  I am not about to deal with the mess of shipping a different set of
PPDs than upstream (I can deal with shipping all, or shipping none).  The
reason for this is user confusion, which I am wary of increasing.

> We should not remove all HP PPDs from packages providing PPDs since there
> are other binary gs drivers (e.g. pcl3) for use with HP printers where PPDs
> are provided by foomatic-filter-ppds.

You'll have to verify if HPLIP is not providing those... If they are
supported by HP, it probably does.

> Roger Leigh has a good point here.
> HPLIP PPDs already use the above Foomatic approach so that's no problem.

Only in CVS, I didn't upload the packages not screwing up with the
Manufacturer's field yet.

> So if PPDs are named e.g. "HP-DeskJet_520-hpijs.ppd.gz" and are located in

As I said, there are ppds for other drivers than hpijs, including pure

> I think Debian should lead the way here by providing unified naming for PPDs
> which opens possibilities for GUI tools that are currently not possible.
> Perhaps a bug should be filed against foomatic-db to get this changed 
> upstream.

It *will* have to be changed upstream if you want to change names. But only
the case is weird in HP's case, and that I can deal with.

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