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Bug#343349: cupsys-driver-gutenprint: Upgrade fails

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Chris Searle <chris@chrissearle.org> writes:

> aptitude upgrade fails
> First run it complained of being unable to convert the ppd files under
> /etc/cups/ppd
> There are three files there - 2000P.ppd, PDF.ppd and HP1015.ppd - all
> three printers I have configured through the cups web gui. They appear
> to be copied from the /usr/share/ppd directory (foomatic ?)

If you look inside the PPD, you will see which package they came
from.  If you can mail them all to me, I can test here.

> In any case - reason was that they were not guenprint ppds (I'm afraid I don't have the
> log for that run).

It should just skip non-Gutenprint PPDs.  I'm afraid without a log, I
can't do much about it.  If it happens again, please let me know
(under a new bug report, please).

> So - I thought - fair enough - easy to replace since all I used was
> the web gui - so I moved them out the way and re-ran the upgrade to
> get configuration to complete.
> Now I get:
> No Gutenprint PPD files to update.
> Restarting Common Unix Printing System: cupsdcupsd: Child exited with status 98!

> And now I can't get this to complete - and have lost all printing :(

You aren't alone.  This is a problem with the new cupsys package which
was uploaded yesterday.  You can see more in Bugs #343292 and #343251,
including how to fix it.


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