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Bug#340314: Bug#340313: Cups starts and then stops

I get the same symptoms after the update I just installed.  (1.1.23-13)
I used the lsof command to check for other listeners on the socket and
found nothing.  Before I searched for the defect, I also tried to use
netstat to check for that (because I assumed that the socket was in
close-wait-state, actually, and I wanted to see if that state had been
cleared before trying it again) and also found nothing.  There is no
process listening on that socket.

I also assumed that it was because I specified only the socket number
to listen on and used dpkg-reconfigure to use both "localhost" and the
ip address of eth0, then just the address of eth0, then just localhost.
That did not alter the behavior.  I also turned off the polling for
pinters, and that did not alter the behavior.  I also altered the
configuration to allow printing only from localhost, but that did not
alter the behavior.

I also checked for print jobs that had been spooled, but hadn't been
printed (thinking that there was perhaps a problem with startup when
spool files existed) and found none.

On whim, I checked /etc/cupsd.conf and found that there was still an
active "Ports" line.  Commenting-it out fixes the problem.  It appears
to me to be the result of duplicating the ports line in /etc/cupsd.conf
and /etc/cups/cups.d/ports.conf
Jonathan Guthrie (jguthrie@brokersys.com)
Sto pro veritate

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