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Printer only prints once, then reboot needed

I've got an HP Laserjet 3020 (multifunction) printer to setup under linux. I run Debian Sarge.   The printer is fully supported by hplip.
I've got the following packages installed: (all stable versions)
hplip v0.9.2-2 
hpijs v2.1.2 
hplip-data 0.9.2-2 
cupsys v1.1.23-10 

My printer is hooked up via USB.  
I setup the printer under cups (web interface).  CUPS sees the printer on the USB bus.  I locate my specific printer type (3020), and install that.  Test page prints fine. If I try to print (say from Openoffice) after this, the job sits in the queue, with the status "Processing..." Restarting the cups and/or hp daemons does not do anything. If I reboot, when the system comes back online and the hp/cups daemons load, the job prints.  
I can always print my first print job after rebooting. After this, nothing I've been able to do will get the printer to print, short of rebooting. Jobs just sit in the queue until the next reboot. The cups web interface shows that the printer is "processing, accepting jobs" when I try to print the 2nd and all subsequent jobs. 
Any ideas on where to look to resolve this issue? I'm happy to provide any more info that someone might need. 


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