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OpenOffice Envelope Printing

To: Debian-printing

Using OpenOffice, I am not able to print a #10 envelope the
"long" way, ie: flap to the right.  I have tried what I believe
to be all possible combinations of printer setup in OO &
cups-admin, ie: Portrait vs Landscape, swapping width & height
dimensions, etc.

As you look at the printed envelope in the normal manner, the
return address is in the lower left corner, oriented 90° CCW.
(As if it were printed in the portrait mode)  The "To" address
is simply discarded.

As a reference, I am able to print OO Calc spreadsheets in the
landscape mode.

The setup:  Etch w/2.6.11 kernel, OpenOffice 1.1.4-7, cupsys
1.1.23-12, gimp-print 4.3.99.  Printer is an Epson Stylus Photo
R200.  The printer is not wide enough to take the envelope in
the "wide" mode.

Any ideas would be appreciated.  TIA,


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