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Re: Installing Debian for PowerPC in Qemu

What command did you use to attempt the install?

I used something like this:


qemu-system-ppc \
  -L pc-bios \
  -boot d \
  -M mac99 \
  -m 2048 \
  -prom-env 'auto-boot?=true' \
  -prom-env 'boot-args=-v' \
  -prom-env 'vga-ndrv?=true' \
  -drive file=/var/lib/libvirt/images/debian-11.0.0-powerpc-NETINST-1.iso,format=raw,media=cdrom \
  -drive file=/var/lib/libvirt/images/debian_32bit.qcow2,format=qcow2,media=disk \
  -netdev user,id=mynet0,net=,dhcpstart= \
  -device sungem,netdev=mynet0 \
  -monitor stdio

I haven’t tried your specific snapshot but the above got me a working install on Qemu. It’s extremely slow though and I have no luck getting KVM to work.
My installer is:

Debian GNU/Linux 11.0.0 "Sid" - Unofficial powerpc NETINST with
                           firmware 20220323-11:37



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