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Re: Off-Topic: G5 Open Firmware instability

No doubt you know, but I don’t see anyone has said (may have missed it) that you will need to re-run thermal calibration after monkeying with the CPUs as otherwise they are not set up right.

To do that you will need to get that machine to boot from that ASD CD, one way or another.


> On May 13, 2022, at 11:12 AM, tonyj@suse.de wrote:
> On Fri, May 13, 2022 at 07:51:27PM +0200, Linux User #330250 wrote:
>>> I downloaded ASD 2.6.3 which is the correct version for the hardware,
>>> converted the dmg to iso. If I boot with 'c' the screen goes all grey
>>> (which seems normal) then the machine hangs.  I can mount the ISO
>>> from Linux using "-t hfsplus" and the contents seem correct.
>> My experience with .dmg's as images for boot media is that they are best
>> created under Mac OS X. I've had many corrupted CDs and I also had some
> Yeah, this had crossed my mind.  I can mount it using -t hfsplus but
> something may be wrong preventing it from booting.  I'll see if I can
> find a local mac user who can burn the dmg natively from MacOS.
>> You did replace the PRAM battery, right? In my experience Power Macs act
>> up when a) no battery is installed and b) a weak/empty battery is used.
>> Anyway, if you didn't already, replace the battery with a new one. (And
>> make sure the new one isn't empty as well!)
> Yup, new one.    
>> Long story short, I also think that the liquid cooling needs checking
>> first, especially before trying anything like thermal calibration for
>> the CPUs/fans from ASD...
> I think the first step is to apply new thermal paste to the cpus and
> the Northbridge (backside of board).     Draining, flushing and 
> refilling the cooling is an option but it seems like maybe the last
> step.  Maybe there are some intermediate steps between these two.  
> I'll do some research.
>> I hope you can fix it. Good luck!
> Thanks!  Appreciate the replies.
> -- 
> Tony Jones
> SUSE Kernel Performance Team

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