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Re: needs suggestion on LuaJit's IBM architecture dilemma


On 5/12/22 03:29, M. Zhou wrote:
> I learned in disappointment after becoming LuaJit uploader that
> the LuaJit upstream behaves uncooperatively especially for IBM
> architectures [1]. IIUC, the upstream has no intention to care
> about IBM architectures (ppc64el, s390x).
> The current ppc64el support on stable is done through cherry-picked
> out-of-tree patch. And I learned that the patch is no longer
> functional[2] for newer snapshots if we step away from that
> ancient 2.1.0~beta3 release.
> However, architectures like amd64 needs relatively newer version[3],
> while IBM architecture still has demand luajit[4] (only the
> ancient version will possibly work on IBM archs).

I saw that Matej Cepl was replying in the thread who is a colleague of
mine and who is the maintainer of the luajit package in openSUSE/SLE.

Since SUSE has a commercial interest in working POWER/S390 support, he
takes care of the package and makes sure it keeps working on these

My suggestion would be to just pick the packages from openSUSE [1]
since they are kept up-to-date.


> [1] https://build.opensuse.org/package/show/devel:languages:lua/luajit

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