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Installation on an iBook G4

Hello everyone,

I installed the CD image from snapshot 2022-03-28 [1], which I burned
using my PowerMac G5 [2]. Installation just went very fine.

Thanks a lot to Adrian for making this happen!

After installation I encountered some issues which could easily be
solved by applying some quick and dirty fixes, maybe.

First packages firmware-b43-installer[3] and and bw43-fwcutter[4] were
missing, which I then got from the linked snapshot. Would it be
possible to place these packages in the unreleased repo to make them
available easily?

Then I wanted to set up wifi, but network-manager-gnome was not
available due to libnma not being built on powerpc (32 bit) due to
libgtk-4-1 not available on powerpc. The correct way probably would be
to fix building of GTK4 on powerpc (I don't know why it fails), but I
was able to build the libnma package after removing all dependencies to

In case we would like to provide such "hacked" packages to powerpc port
users via the unreleased repo, what would be the correct way to achieve

In any case: After building the libnma package manually I was able to
install necessary packages to configure wifi and bluetooth via GUI
(MATE) easily.

Desktop now looks quite similar to this screenshot[5] which I'm quite
happy about.

So far.


[2] Tell me if you need a CD. My PowerMac will happily burn one I'm
going to ship anywhere in Europe.
[5] https://fosstodon.org/@lazarus/108208319638351436

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