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Re: About opencv packages

On 12 déc. 2021 10:52, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz <glaubitz@physik.fu-berlin.de> wrote:


> What Debian Ports is missing is cruft [1] since we're using Mini-DAK
> instead of DAK (Debian
> Archive Kit). There is unfortunately not enough interest in Debian Ports throughout
> the Debian project and/or the community to drive the efforts faster to switch Ports
> from Mini-DAK to DAK which would fix all of these problems forever.

Im' using dak since years and dak have commands to import existing

I never used these commands because I've started dak from scratch.

You can also ask for help from the dak maintainers.

| dak import-repository
|   --keyring=/usr/share/keyrings/debian-archive-keyring.gpg
|   [--key=${fingerprint}]
|   [--architectures=a,b,c (default: architectures in origin suite)]
|   [--components=main,contrib (default: components in origin suite)]
|   [--target-suite=${suite} (default: origin suite name)]
|   [--add-overrides]
|   [--max-packages=${n} (import at maximum ${n} packages, default: no limit)]
|   http://httpredir.debian.org/debian unstable
| Things to think about:
|  - Import Built-Using sources
|    - all / only referenced
|  - Remove old packages:
|    - by-source: remove source X_v, if no X exists upstream
|    - by-version: remove source X_v, if no X_v exists upstream
|    (X denotes package name, v version, X_v package at a specific version)
|  - Import all or only newest?
|  - Expire binary packages?

| $ dak import -h           
| Usage:
| dak import <suite> <component> <files...>
| dak import -D|--dump <file> <suite> <component>
| dak import -E|--export-dump <suite> <component>
| WARNING: This command does no sanity checks. Only use it on trusted packages.
| Options:
|   -h, --help:             show this help message
|   -a, --add-overrides:    add missing overrides automatically
|   -c, --changed-by:       Changed-By for imported source packages
|                           (default: maintainer)
|   -D, --dump <file>:      Import all files listed in <file>. The format
|                           is described below.
|   -E, --export-dump:      Export list of files in the format required
|                           by dak import --dump.
|   -s, --ignore-signature: ignore signature for imported source packages
| File format used by --dump:
|   <filename>:<md5>:<sha1>:<sha256>:[<fingerprint>]:[<changed-by>]


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