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Re: X Display Problem on G3 Series PowerBook (Wallstreet)

On 7/18/21 10:15 PM, Brad Boyer wrote:
> On Sun, Jul 18, 2021 at 08:59:54PM -0600, Stan Johnson wrote:
>> I have a PowerBook Wallstreet, 512 MiB memory, 266 MHz with the current
>> Debian SID installed.
>> The framebuffer is reported as "fb0: Open Firmware frame buffer device
>> on /pci/ATY,RageLTPro". I tried adding "mach64" to the config file for
>> 5.13.2, but that didn't fix the problem.
>> Both kernels are stock kernels from kernel.org (though I did add the
>> BMAC patch to 5.6.13). I can send the .config files that I used if that
>> would be helpful. I have the same options in both .config files for
>> "Device Drivers -> Graphics support -> Frame buffer devices", with "Open
>> Firmware frame buffer device support" and "ATI Rage128 display support"
>> selected (among other options).
> I'm pretty sure that rather than FB_ATY128 ("ATI Rage128 display support")
> you would need FB_ATY ("ATI Mach64 display support") for that model.
> That's what I remember from the last time I booted mine up. I have a
> roughly equivalent model. However, I haven't tried a new kernel on
> mine in quite some time. There have been complaints on the list in
> recent years about various parts of the ATI mach64 support being broken.
> 	Brad Boyer
> 	flar@allandria.com

Hi Brad,

Thanks for your response. I did try using Mach64, but that also failed.
The system is currently working with kernel 5.6.13. Also, both 5.6.13
and 5.13.2 work with Debian 7.8, so there appears to be a complicated
interaction between the kernel and the Xorg server.


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