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Re: Bug#741663: linux-image-3.13-1-powerpc-smp: therm_windtunnel does not load correctly

Hi Adrian,

John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
Yes and no. I am quite optimistic the bug was fixed with a patch which
is included upstream since 4.19-rc1. It still needs confirmation,
though, i.e. testing.
The PowerMac G5 users on this list are kindly asked to confirm the bug has
been fixed. Until then, I'll reopen it.

on my iMac G5 Windfarm is loaded and works... it does not runt he fans like full speed like a vacuum cleaner anymore. Generally the computer boots up quiet and stays quiet until load is applied to it.. after load, generally (but...) things return to the previous state again.

I do think the thermal regulation is not very smart, operating somehow in "pulses" of high speed and sometimes taking another load to clear the status again... but these things are not related to the original bug.


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