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Re: Update Debian Ports installation images 2021-04-14

On 4/15/21 10:07 PM, Johannes Brakensiek wrote:
> I now found some time to run the install procedure from USB disks (I could boot fine
> via `boot ud:\boot\grub\powerpc.elf`). I did a very default install with the preset
> partition table. But it failed at installing grub at the end of the installation
> procedure. I can see the obvious: It is not correct to install grub to /dev/sdb3 as
> this is the partition that was created for swap. But there seems to be even more going wrong:

I have no clue why it should detect /dev/sdb3 as /boot/grub, that's not really possible.

So either the ppc64 image is broken (please use the powerpc image) or there is something
completely illogical happening on your machine.

Did you actually get an HFS filesystem that was mounted to /boot/grub? You can check that
with "mount" when switching to a different console.

But again, I'm really confused by this as I don't really think that something like this
is possible. If you look at the code [1], it will try to use the device that was mounted
to /boot/grub. So if you claim it tried to install GRUB to a swap device, then your
swap partition would have been mounted to /boot/grub which is not possible.

Please test the 32-bit powerpc image.


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