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Re: Update Debian Ports installation images 2021-04-14

Looks like I’ll have to try this again! As the r128 video package is now in the repository, I might be able to finally get it running.

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> On Apr 14, 2021, at 4:44 PM, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz <glaubitz@physik.fu-berlin.de> wrote:
> Hi!
> Here are the first test images where the installation of GRUB on PowerMacs
> should finally work properly [1]. It took me quite some time and effort with
> lots of testing to get the implementation right.
> During the partitioning phase, the installer will pop up an empty question
> dialog. Just answer that dialog with "<NO>" to continue. After that, the
> installation should complete normally.
> The installer now also correctly installs a boot script with an icon that
> should show up in the OpenFirmware boot menu that can be invoked with the
> <Option> key after the machine has been powered on.
> Let me know how the image works for you, then I can commit the changes for
> the grub-installer package to git when we know it works for most people for
> the time being.
> If it doesn't work, remember I need the installation log located in /var/log
> as the file "syslog".
> Thanks,
> Adrian
>> [1] https://cdimage.debian.org/cdimage/ports/snapshots/2021-04-14/
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