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Re: Installation fails with openbios-ppc-grubfix

On 09/04/2021 14:07, David VANTYGHEM wrote:


I installed https://cdimage.debian.org/cdimage/ports/snapshots/2021-02-02/debian-10.0.0-powerpc-NETINST-1.iso in AQEMU.

I'm using ftp.ports.debian.org miror and openbios-ppc-grubfix : http://dl.free.fr/wklzUghQX

At the end of the installation, I've got this error : http://dl.free.fr/vOgyTknrS

It seems that Linux caan't find grub-ieee1275_2.04-17_powerpc.deb : http://dl.free.fr/mSi7Kq1Tr

Is it a missing package or should I use another BIOS with AQEMU ?

Why are you still using openbios-ppc-grubfix? That download was only for testing the proposed fix which was merged into OpenBIOS not long after. I'd recommend that you download and install the latest QEMU 5.2 to ensure that you have all the latest fixes and that your QEMU and OpenBIOS are compatible.



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