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Re: Donations

Could someone send me a picture of the G3 beige model ?

Le 05/03/2021 à 12:17, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz a écrit :

On Mar 5, 2021, at 11:42 AM, David VANTYGHEM <david.vantyghem@laposte.net> wrote:

I received a first donation, thank you. Don't forgot to add your name when you make a donation, or blank if you want to remain anonymous. I will send the list of donors to Adrian.


Thanks for the support!

Since original discussion evolved around the G3 beige model, I would prefer if the community found a cheap G3 beige model to work on for me.

Also, the G3 beige tower takes less space as compared to the iMac.

Would that be ok?

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