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Re: Latest unstable on Beige G3

Le 13/02/2021 à 10:23, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz a écrit :
Hello Lee!

On 2/13/21 1:41 AM, Lee Cremeans wrote:
* The current builds of the unstable installer are not usable on an
OldWorld Mac (including my Beige) because unstable no longer ships quik. I
understand the newer images ship GRUB, and I'm wondering just how hard it'd
be to get an OldWorld machine to boot an ELF GRUB, if an XCOFF GRUB is out
of the question; I've looked at the GRUB source but they're complex enough
that I haven't found the magic words to change the GRUB image type.
I'm confident that we would be able to find a solution for OldWorld systems,
but I currently don't have the time and resources to work on this particular

I also don't have access to these machines at the moment, so if someone is
willing to donate a G3 so that I can work on this particular hardware at
some point, feel free to send me an email.



I propose to buy this imac and to send it to Adrian :


You can make a donation at https://www.paypal.com/pools/c/88pAczImZt , the goal is 32 € + 30 € (https://www.mondialrelay.fr/envoi-de-colis/ to Berlin)

Passez à Linux : https://infolib.re

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