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Re: Setting power-on time on PowerMac

On Mon, Sep 21, 2020 at 08:45:45PM -0400, Charles E. Lehner wrote:
> This desktop has power-on timer functionality. I tested it set
> using OS X 10.4's pmset command. I think there may be a PMU command
> for this that we don't know about. I might try to run Mac OS in
> qemu to see if I can trace its communication with the PMU to find it.

OK. I have to admit I didn't do a lot of digging. This is probably
something they added in more recent versions of PMU. None of the other
messages types listed in the Linux code seem likely. The Darwin code
appears to have a lot more PMU message types listed (some of them
marked in the comments as being specific to ancient models like the
PB145), so probably one of them does this. I don't want to dig into
the code there, just in case that's a potential license issue. It
doesn't seem like looking at the header with the list would be an issue.

If we manage to get it working, we will probably have to also figure
out how to tell which systems support this feature. The via-pmu
driver is used on a wide variety of systems, all the way back to
the earliest PowerBook models that can run Linux (and in fact the
PMU hardware is present even on the ones that are too old to run
Linux due to having no MMU like the Portable and PB100, although
the PMU is attached to the VIA differently on those anyway so the
driver wouldn't work without some significant changes).

	Brad Boyer

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