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Re: R: Radeon forced to pci-mode.

Thunderbird seems buggy on sid for me. The following answer is incomplete. x

Le 27/12/2019 à 18:33, Bertrand a écrit :

On 27/12/2019 11:50, luigi burdo wrote:
This because you are using the fbdev and not the hw acceleration.
The issue is on the radeon firmware and kernel not on debian. On my Quad G5 i fixed using dual gpu where the radeon is on the 8x slot and not on 16x.
I have all accelerated my gpu is the 6570 HD 2GB.
here the video 


Not sure it's the same bug. I've got a powermac7,3, not a 11,2 and cannot put pci-e cards in it. I've got only one AGP slot so I can't put two AGP cards in it.

Talking of framebuffers, I've tried to add video=offb

Talking of framebueffers, I've tried to add video=offb:off or/and video=radeonfb:off to the boot args without any change. I've still got 3D on pci mode, not AGP.
Thanks for your time.
Any other idea ?

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